Simulation and Verification of 4 and 5-axis milling, drilling and turning operations, as well as simulation of synchronous and parallel rotation applications when multiple channels / turrets are used.
As machining complexity increases, so does the probability of error. NC programs for multi-axis milling generally contain tight tolerance requirements for the workpieces. These factors increase the importance of testing the NC program.

This module provides the basis for the VERICUT simulation of multi-axis milling, drilling, turning and simultaneous turning milling.

Comprehensive 3D collision-checking is applied to the in-process material as it is machined. This allows you to observe the entire machining process, and simultaneously checking the workpiece and the machine for errors. Errors such as interference between the machined part and tool holders, boring bars, tool blocks, turrets, and other components are detected.

By interactively displaying tool path motion and the resulting material removal, VERICUT machining modules detect the following types of errors:

  • Incorrect or misread drawings
  • Inaccurate programming
  • Wrong tool path movements
  • Contact at rapid speed
  • Collisions with fixtures and clamps
  • Tool shank and holder collisions
  • CAD / CAM postprocessor errors

Rotate/Continue Cutting

Dynamic rotation enables you to manipulate the cut model during the material removal process. During the simulation, the workpiece and the machine can turn, pan, and zoom at any time. The simulation can also be paused to make dimensional operations on the workpiece.